The Institute has immediate as well as longer term goals. Development of effective herbal protocols for “invisible epidemics” is the top priority. This involves a clinic with residential facilities, clinical research, and a stable supply of therapeutic medicinal plants. Learn more.
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$50 Miswak Stick and Toothbrush
$100 Free Participation in the Kitchen Doctor Series Series
$250 Book by Ingrid Naiman: Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment
$1,000 Health Consultation
$2,500 One Week of Seminars at the Institute for Invisible Epidemics
$5,000 One Week of Health Services
$10,000 Three Weeks of Health Services
$25,000 90 Days of Health Consultations and Treatment and Free Participation in all Activities of the Institute, including Seminars
$100,000 Life Membership: Visit as an Honored Guest Whenever there are Vacancies and Benefit from All Available Treatments
$1,500,000 Become a Trustee


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