Answers to Questions

Date of the Next Study:  January 2020

Place of the Next Study: Mexico

Travel Requirements:  Valid Passport

Exchange Rate: Approximately 19 pesos to the U.S. dollar.

Currency Conversion:  Rates are much better in ATM machines than at the airport.

Transport from Airport to Venue:  Assistance will be provided to find suitable shuttle services.

Estimated Cost of Accommodations and Meals: $500-600 per week including gratuities of approximately 10%.

Food: Organic with many fruits and juices.  Gluten-free options available.

Recommended Stay:  Three weeks or longer.  Ten-day minimum.

Average Cost of Herbs: $180 per month in the beginning, less as improvement is made.

Climate: Temperate, 70s by day, a little cooler at night.

Clothing:  Clean, comfortable, and casual.

Tourism:  If planning on excursions, be sure to bring sturdy shoes for navigating cobblestone roads.  If unsteady on your feet, consider a collapsible cane.

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