We study both the plants and blood plasma and cells to discover
the properties of the herbs and their actions on the body.

Medicinal Herbs

Whether using Asian, North or South American herbs, we use only top quality plants that are sustainably grown and ethically harvested.

Medicinal Herbs and Food

We are in the process of creating a laboratory for processing herbs to be used in medicine and super foods.


We approach our work with respect and reverence for the plant kingdom. We seek no patents or excessive profits, simply harmony for all life.


The IIE Academy is the educational wing of the Institute for Invisible Epidemics.  The goal is to become a repository for information on natural treatments for chronic conditions, especially those that are often overlooked or regarded as incurable by modern medicine. 

There are several types of work that the IIE Academy seeks to develop.  The first effort is aimed mainly at people who wish to direct their own healing with a little outside help.  This material will be presented in seminar format with hand-out materials.  Most of the these seminars will be offered online as webinars.  A few will only be available within the Institute itself once it has a permanent location.  This is because of the need for testing, teaching, and guidance.  Some seminars may be offered at other venues or as guests on channels hosted by kindred spirits.

In every case, the webinars will only be presented live one time. Then, they will be archived for posterity.

The same is true of courses.  The distinction between a webinar and course is the level of intensity of training.  A webinar may consist of two-to-eight sessions, but a course may go on for seven years and involve much more homework.

Participation in webinars can be at the level of an auditor or certificate student.  Auditors have access to the same materials as those wishing to have a certificate.  Certificate students take quizzes after the webinar and present a short paper at the end demonstrating their ability to apply the information in a practical manner.  This is followed by a very short Skype interview.  Assuming the student passes, they will receive a certificate and become eligible to request referrals through an online directory.  They will also be recommended for affiliate programs with vendors offering the products mentioned the webinar series.

Since courses involve more study, they are aimed slightly more towards health care professionals, including astrologers and psychologists, pastoral counselors, and licensed practitioners of holistic medicine. 

Most of the courses have more accompanying materials and sometimes also required outside reading.  A few courses also have an auditor option, but degree candidates have homework, exams, and term papers.  Where the Astrology of Healing is concerned, levels two and three are quite demanding and will attract only the most serious students.

The courses in Darkfield Microscopy and Music Therapy are only offered in person, not online.

In addition to the webinars and courses, the Institute will host a permanent library for the legacy of Ingrid Naiman.  It will be open to members who visit in person or who are willing to pay for transcription or photocopying services.

With the rapid advancement in digital technology, information can reach almost anywhere in the world.  IIE will  create online programs, libraries, audio and video presentations in as many languages as possible.  It will also help others to create similar ventures by sharing its operating models and by training interns both in the health-related subjects as well as digital technology for promoting health via online channels.

Pricing for webinars and courses depends on the length and depth of the curriculum, and there are concessions to patrons who have contributed towards our start up costs.

Once the affiliated clinic is fully operational, there will be opportunities for internships as well as visiting scholars.



Auditors have access to all the materials used in the webinars, but they do not take the quizzes nor receive certificates.


Patrons are auditors who have donated to the Institute.  They are issued a code that makes the fees disappear.

Certificate Students

Those who are more serious can take the exams and pass an oral interview. They will receive a certificate.


An example of a webinar is shown below.  If you click on the link, you will see a more detailed explanation of what will be covered.

Oral Health

Countless chronic and often deadly illnesses stem from conditions that start in the mouth.  Clear explanations of many dental issues and procedures as well as how to detoxify from fluoride, amalgams, and xenoestrogenic materials will be presented in this series along with safer holistic alternatives.


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