Live Blood & Electrosmog

As seen below in the phase contrast imaging of live blood, there was a major degradation with each successive experiment.  Viewers should consider a number of factors before leaping to conclusions.

First, the views shown may or may not represent the entire sample. There may, for instance, be more rouleaux on the perimeter of the sample, but from the short examples shown, we have no way of knowing how the sample looked in other parts of the slide.

This is not to suggest that the findings should be dismissed, but a more thorough examination would, of course, be more conclusive.  It might be prudent to consider this short video as illustrative rather than conclusive.  It could therefore function as a catalyst to more extensive testing involving more subjects and more thorough examination of the samples taken.

Second, this phase contract video can become a bridge to darkfield microscopy and what I have personally seen when running similar tests.

The radio frequencies used by various devices can indeed cause the blood to regroup but the clustering, aggregation, or rouleaux can be an effort on the part of some red blood cells to protect others. In such instances, the cells on the periphery will suffer the more of the consequences of EMF bombardment.  Therefore, it is likely that the membranes of the red blood cells will also be perforated.

Erythrocyte aggregation is a more likely response to EMF bombardment than rouleaux.  In addition to the reorganization of cells, there is interference in the oxygenzation and delivery of nutrients to tissues of the body.  This results in degenerative conditions of all types, not simply cancer. 

On tope of these issues, there is usually some premature cell death and hence an increased burden on the macrophages that must clean up the debris.

This said, there will be some relief once back into the protected environment and once consuming fluids to help the cells to separate. Regrouping usually takes several hours and is impeded when there are additional exposures to EMF.

Risks vary from person to person,but they are not minor and therefore should not be ignored.  In my opinion, Wi-Fi should be avoided to the maximum extent possible.

Ingrid Naiman

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