Live Blood & Electrosmog

As seen in the phase contrast imaging of live blood, there was a major degradation over the course of testing, but viewers should consider a number of factors before leaping to conclusions. First, the views shown may or may not represent the entire sample. For instance, there may be more rouleaux on the perimeter of the sample, but from the short examples shown, we have no way of knowing how the sample looked on other parts of the slide. This is not to suggest that the findings should be dismissed, merely to create a bridge to what I have personally seen when testing. The radio frequencies used by various devices can indeed cause the blood to regroup but the clustering or rouleaux can be an effort on the part of some red blood cells to protect others. However, the ones on the periphery will suffer the consequences of EMF bombardment so the membranes will also be perforated. There are additional consequences as well. This said, there will be some relief once back into the protected environment and once consuming fluids to help the cells to separate. Nothing pointed out here should be construed as suggesting the risks are minor.  It is opinion that wifi should be avoided to the maximum extent possible.

Ingrid Naiman

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