We study both the plants and blood plasma and cells to discover
the properties of the herbs and their actions on the body.

Medicinal Herbs

Whether using Asian, North or South American herbs, we use only top quality plants that are sustainably grown and ethically harvested.

Medicinal Herbs and Food

We are in the process of creating a laboratory for processing herbs to be used in medicine and super foods.


We approach our work with respect and reverence for the plant kingdom. We seek no patents or excessive profits, simply harmony for all life.


Electromagnetic pollution is invisible and pervasive. It can profoundly affect the health of humans, animals, and plants. The discussion on this page is intended to help people identify the sources of EMF waves and mitigate the harmful effects.

The Acoustimeter AM-10 meter is for measuring wifi devices, including smart meters, smart phones, bluetooth devices, and other invisible waves that are ubiquitous in our modern world.  As the name suggests, the device makes audible sounds, more or less on the same principle as Geiger counters, but once you understand the meter, you will begin to recognize the sounds and to associate them with particular devices.

In terms of remediation or self-protection, the primary advantage of checking the sources and directions of wifi pollution is that the targets can be narrowed down somewhat.  For example, one may not need to put protective screening on all windows if the main hot spots are facing the cell tower.

The Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B meter measures dirty electricity. After a very hasty check of my house (written by Ingrid Naiman), I discovered that the hottest places were where there are circuit boards. For example, the dishwasher has an on/off button on the left and various choices for which cycles to run on the right. There are four buttons and they are very hot.  Once the requested cycle is complete, a light labeled “Clean” comes on. This is when one should depress the on/off button to reduce unnecessary electrical noise.  A similar hot spot was found on the LED clock on the gas stove. Keep in mind that electricity is not needed to operate the stove. Yes, there are igniters, but one can light the burners with with a match or even flint. The issues are also different since if one stands in front of the dishwasher, the exposure is very close to the body whereas the clock is at the back of the stove so there is ample distance between it and the person who is cooking.

Obviously, the main areas to be concerned about are wherever one spends the most time. Then, one must also consider the distances. There are many options for reducing exposure to ungrounded electricity, including shutting off circuits when they are not needed or using simple filters.

The devices shown on this page can be rented by people who want to check their homes and places of work or study.  Interested persons can reserve the devices on the condition that a security deposit is made, that the devices are handled very carefully, and packed properly for shipping to the next person on the list. The deposit will be refunded when the meters are received by the next person.

Sharing of findings is welcome. If a person in the home suffers from a medical condition or electrosensitivity, the Institute would like to know what remedial measures were used and how those measures impacted the sick person.

Please check out this study done by Danish students


Smart Meters

Dirty Electricity

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