We study both the plants and blood plasma and cells to discover
the properties of the herbs and their actions on the body.

Medicinal Herbs

Whether using Asian, North or South American herbs, we use only top quality plants that are sustainably grown and ethically harvested.

Medicinal Herbs and Food

We are in the process of creating a laboratory for processing herbs to be used in medicine and super foods.


We approach our work with respect and reverence for the plant kingdom. We seek no patents or excessive profits, simply harmony for all life.


Starting in 2020, the IIE Academy with begin offering a series of webinars that spans several years.  Each webinar will consist of a live presentation with downloadable materials.  There will be a moderated chat room with an opportunity for participants to ask questions.  Within two weeks following the presentations, the material will be archived.  Registered participants will have lifetime access to the materials for the presentations in which they registered.  New visitors to the site will be able to access the same materials for a fee, but, of course, will not be able to ask questions.

Three types of membership are possible for those who wish to participate.



Auditors have access to all the materials used in the webinars, but they do not take the quizzes nor receive certificates.


Patrons are auditors who have donated to the Institute.  They are issued a code that makes the fees disappear.

Certificate Students

Those who are more serious can take the exams and pass an oral interview. They will receive a certificate.


Oral Health

Countless chronic and often deadly illnesses stem from conditions that start in the mouth.  Clear explanations of many dental issues and procedures as well as how to detoxify from fluoride, amalgams, and xenoestrogenic materials will be presented in this series along with safer holistic alternatives.


Mold Remediation and Treatment

Mold is almost ubiquitous. It contributes to the process of breaking down diseased and dead matter, i.e., returning dust to dust. It is opportunistic in that it thrives on moisture as well as darkness, and it does serious damage to both property and health.


Parasite Cleansing

The risks of parasite infection are much higher when living in or visiting the tropics, when having contact with animals, and when bitten by insects. Since the beginning of time, more people have died of malaria than any other illness, war, or natural disaster. Today, coinfections of Lyme disease are rampant.



This webinar will include many photographic images of white blood cells showing how they respond to various toxins, prescription medications, infections, and herbal treatment. Everything from mercury to EMF and nuclear radiation will be addressed in a series that presents specific herbal options for underlying immune issues.


Adrenal Exhaustion

In today’s world, many suffer from allergies, chemical sensitivities, environmental pollution, chronic illnesses and pain, side effects of medical treatments or modern life styles, the challenges of making ends meet or living  with unusual stress. Extending the margins for coping can often reduce anxiety, fatigue, and exhaustion.



Contaminated vaccines, water and air pollution, industrial wastes and chemtrails, toxic metals,  electromagnetic fields and radioactivity, mold, parasites, dangerous drugs and medications all need to be addressed in order to be healthy.


Radiation and EMF

We are exposed day in and day out to countless types of electromagnetic frequencies, some of which affect critical biological processes. Locating the sources can be the first step towards sensible protective measures, some of which may require life style adjustments or shielding.


The Fire Element: Anger or Action?

Everyone can potentially feel very strongly about certain matters, personal injustices or broader social issues. There are areas where we are willing to assume the risks of taking a stand. The question is can we manage the the challenges of correcting imbalances in a fair manner without alienating those held accountable for the sleights.



Countless children suffer from attention deficits or autism while adults fear senility and loss of memory. In this series, we examine what memory is, what interferes with synaptic responses as well as what aids focus, the capacity to concentrate, and ability to recall short- and long-term memories.


Karma and Destiny

Fate may be regarded as the intersection of karma, the repercussions of events from the past and our feelings about those events, and destiny, the mission we are to fulfill.  When decisions are made that affect our paths in life, it helps to know the origin of our impulses and motivation.



The concept of reincarnation was almost lost in the Western World, but it was part of early Christianity.  Origen of Alexandria embraced the twin doctrines of karma and reincarnation. Inherent in the belief is an acceptance of responsibility as well as purpose, points to be explored in this series.



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