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Guaiacum officinale is a severely endangered Caribbean tree.  The resinous substance in the wood is a major ingredient in formulas for Lyme disease as well as the cancer  syrup bequeathed by Dr. Eli G. Jones to his fellow physicians.  He called it Compound Syrup Scrophularia, but we produce under the name Seneca Elixir.

The wood of the lignum vitae, tree of life, is very heavy and was used in bearings and parts of the steering mechanisms of ships.  It is allegedly stronger than stainless steel and holds up for years.  It is also self-lubricating because of the oils in the tiny pores of the wood.

These oils are captured by gentle warming and then applied topically to infectious skin diseases.  The liquid part is taken internally for socially transmitted diseases as well as those carried by insects such as ticks.

We are working very hard to encourage the planting of this tree throughout the Caribbean and Pacific Islands as well as coastal regions of Central and South America.  It also grows very well in South India and Sri Lanka. It is a very slow growing tree.  It takes 30 years to produce medicine and more like 70 years to mature so this is a serious, long-term project to save the tree from extinction.

To promote awareness of the need for this project, we asked permission from Oxford University to reprint a museum quality collector’s edition of a wonderful article by Dr. Robert Munger published in 1949.

We received the license to proceed and our graphics team is working on the layout of the book.  We are estimating our production costs at $3500.  Anyone donating $100 or more will receive a copy of the book when it comes off the press.  Any excess donated will go towards translation of the book into Spanish and purchase of seeds and seedlings for those willing to dedicate space on their land for growing this Holy Wood.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Ingrid Naiman
27 May 2020


272% funded

The goal for this project is $3500. This includes the publishing license, graphics and layout design, printing and shipping. Any amount in excess of the actual expenses will go towards buying seeds and seedlings.

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