Algonquin Drops

Dr. Eli G. Jones often administered “cancer drops” to his patients. The drops contained Baptisia tinctoria (wild indigo), Phytolacca americana (poke root), and Thuja occidentalis. Baptisia is anti-infective. 

Baikal Skullcap

Scutellaria baicalensis is one of the fifty fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine and was one of the active components of the popular PC-SPES prostate formula that was withdrawn from the market in 2002 following reports of varying traces of pharmaceutical drugs in the formula.

Goji Tonic

This tonic is made with authentic Mongolian goji berries, an herb that has been researched in connection with cancer prevention as well as use during or after conventional treatments.

Mercury Toxicity

Sometime in the late 1990s, I was invited to attend a seminar on Oral Toxicology in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The other participants were dentists. The opening remark by the host was, “Folks, we are responsible for 98% of the deaths in this world.

Potent Protection

Inspired by skillful use of essential oils by Nostradamus during the time of the Black Death and formulated using the most potent immune enhancing herbs of our times.


Yarrow, often associated with divination and magic, gripped my interest when reading about its use by Hildegard of Bingen to prevent metastases of malignancies.

Cancer Salves is organized into sections — like chapters of a book — with separate pages
on different topics.

Impact of Metal Toxicity on Immunity

Fulfilling a promise made quite some years ago, the explanation
of how toxic metals in general and mercury in particular affect
immunity is presented in the pages that follow.


Chemicals that mimic natural estrogens are generally from
synthetic contaminants such as plastics, PVC materials, pesticides,
petroleum products, and certain pharmaceuticals.

Oral Health ES

Mucha gente comprende que la regeneración depende
en gran parte de una buena nutrición, pero lo que no se
aprecia tan fácilmente es que las enfermedades bucales
pueden afectar aquello que comemos así como a lo que
sucede en otras partes del cuerpo.

Ginkgo Biloba [Radiation]

Ginkgo is sometimes called a living fossil because there are no other members of its species, and its age and uniqueness set it apart from other plants. It might owe its survival to the fact that it tolerates drought as well as pollution. 

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