Permaculture and Indigenous Medicine

In 2008, Ecuador became the first country in the world to give constitutional rights to Nature. This is affectionately called the Pachamama provision. What is unique about this guarantee is that Nature is perceived as a living organism rather than property that is subject to exploitation. Nature has the right to be protected and assisted in its recovery if ecological harm has occurred.

The thinking and feeling behind these guarantees has been a source of inspiration to all who care about Nature and the future of the Planet.

Many know about the importance of the rainforest but not nearly enough people understand how agricultural practices have to change in order to assure sustainability and productivity as well as the nutritional value of food.

We plan to use 100% eco-conscious methods of cultivation — for both food and medicinal plants — and to share our experiences with others through seminars, hands on gardening, and films.

“I dedicate my life of Service to the Earth to all living beings. May every seed planted be multiplied to bring abundance to every home. May every garden be cultivated organically so the ecosystems allow a great diversity of natural life to thrive.
“It is my purpose in life to carry on organic seeds of botanical diversity to co-create beauty and abundance now and for the future generations.”

Kitzia Kokopelmana

Kitzia has participated in events where groups of indigenous women from the Andes meet and share seed and food with the indigenous groups of the Coast of Ecuador. There she shared a great seed diversity of highly nutritious vegetables and tropical fruits. She also found new plants to add to her living genealogy seed collection.

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