Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Vilcabamba is a small town in Loja Province in the south of Ecuador that is famous for its longevity and mineral rich water. It has a nearly idyllic year-round climate of about 25°C or 75°F and is about 5000 feet elevation, just above the mosquito zone but not as high as some famous Andean towns.

One Possible Site for a Future Clinic

Sustainable Local Community

Having seen many clinics and met many patients and doctors, I am sympathetic to the problems patients have in finding a place to heal that nourishes the spirit as well as the body. By relying 100% on locally grown organic food, we can offer juice bar for those who are fasting as well as nutrient-rich specially designed diets for people with varying health needs.

Seeing patients daily allows for tweaking of protocols so as to produce the best possible outcomes.  Locating the clinic in an place with adequate infrastructure and lower costs of living, we can make the necessary treatments affordable to those who need them.

Through cooperation with local doctors and healers, we expect to provide everything from safe dental work to relief from chronic illnesses.

All treatments will, of course, be entirely holistic.


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