We study both the plants and blood plasma and cells to discover
the properties of the herbs and their actions on the body.

Medicinal Herbs

Whether using Asian, North or South American herbs, we use only top quality plants that are sustainably grown and ethically harvested.

Medicinal Herbs and Food

We are in the process of creating a laboratory for processing herbs to be used in medicine and super foods.


We approach our work with respect and reverence for the plant kingdom. We seek no patents or excessive profits, simply harmony for all life.


The distinction between a webinar and a course is really the scope of the material presented.  For the most part, the same basic Internet applications are used, meaning there is a mixture of live presentations with question and answer sessions as well as downloadable material.  However, webinars are aimed somewhat more towards patients and the courses are designed more for practitioners.  The line is not that clear.  A mother searching for information to help her child is acting on behalf of another and presumably wants the most reliable input available.

Kitchen Doctor is an example of a subject that can be offered as either a webinar or course, but because there is so much material, a decision was made to call it a course.  Likewise, most people expressing interest in the Mid-Life Tune Up Program are considering applying information personally, but someone who wants to operate a spa or center for detoxification and rejuvenation may have a professional motivation.

For these two courses, the option of enrolling as an auditor or certificate student exists, just as with the webinars.  We can consider the courses as bridges.

For the Astrology of Healing, a decision was made not to enroll auditors so as to attract very serious students with a real commitment to studying medical astrology, herbal medicine, and esoteric psychology.  However, most of the study can be done online.

With both Music Therapy and Darkfield Microscopy, the entire curriculum will be offered via a series of residential programs varying in length from three to ten days each time.



Auditors have access to all the materials used in the webinars, but they do not take the quizzes nor receive certificates.


Patrons are auditors who have donated to the Institute.  They are issued a code that makes the fees disappear.

Certificate Students

Those who are more serious can take the exams and pass an oral interview. They will receive a certificate.


Kitchen Doctor

Each person’s nutritional, herbal, and life style adjustments are unique. Much depends on the constitutional type and presenting health conditions.  Though relying heavily on Ayurvedic medicine, the course material is both modern and original and relatively free of of cultural biases. It is also highly practical.


Mid-Life Tune Up Program

Though one can start wherever the symptoms are most prominent, the sequence for presenting the material will begin with the first chakra which has four lessons spanning about half a year.  The entire course will take several years to complete.

Astrology of Healing, Level One

This is a one-year course with eight lessons covering  stress and the ways stress is shown in the horoscope and the elements as the building blocks of the manifest world. The material fills two volumes and is the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Medical Astrology.

Astrology of Healing, Level Two

The basic materials covered in the more advanced courses are developed in two parts, each spanning a year. One section addresses the conflicts of the elements and another the practical applications such as Kitchen Doctor and basic astrological counseling.  There are fourteen lessons in this master’s level series.

Astrology of Healing, Level Three

This is a three to four program that includes astroendocrinology, herbal medicine, therapies for specific diseases, deep exploration of the unconscious: psychospiritual patterns, purposes in life, and techniques for regression.


Darkfield Microscopy

This course is intended for practitioners who wish to add to their practices a knowledge of how to use a darkfield microscope, interpret what they see, and apply useful protocols for resolving the issues found.  It includes a manual with explanations.

Music Therapy

This is the most advanced subject offered.  It presents a technique for exploring psychospiritual patterns, past lives, and destiny.  Participants should possess basic counseling skills as well as a knowledge of classical music.


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