Oil Pulling Study

Dr. Indunil has been writing a book on oil pulling. The idea of a survey followed shortly on the heels of the historic and medical material. So, we decided to do a long-term study to determine the efficacy of this ancient practice.

My first exposure came when a Swiss endocrinologist asked to intern in my clinic in Santa Fe. The introduction of oil pulling inEurope has been attributed to a Ukrainian physician, Dr. med. F. Karach, and, as explained to me, the oils used were olive or sunflower so the possibility that the method was Ayurvedic was slightly hidden from view. However, the method is actually ancient and does belong to the Ayurvedic tradition where the term is kavala or swishing. The most common oil used is sesame, but each type of oil has slightly different properties. The modern American fad is to rely predominantly on coconut oil. It is not my personal preference but for a while, I will keep my secret to myself so it does not influence others.

Oral hygiene is extremely important. Some of my exposure to the hazards of tooth decay, periodontal disease, hazardous dental materials and procedures have been discussed on toxicteeth.com and archived in our emerging online library. What researchers have been reporting is that seemingly isolated health conditions can often be traced to problems in the mouth.

The initial study is just that, a highly preliminary survey that we believe will result in some participants sticking to the oil pulling routine and taking additional measures to clear risks from their bodies. We will provide a small amount of guidance to all participants and offer discounts on oils and herbs to all who faithfully follow the recommendations.

Dr. Ingrid Naiman

29 November 2016


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