Mid-Life Tune Up Program

The Mid-Life Tune Up Program was developed by Dr. Ingrid Naiman in 1985 in response to two situations that took center stage at that time. First, she observed the precariousness of aging in our modern society, and second, she realized that deferred maintenance and failure to give the body the same attention that we give our homes and cars was resulting in diminished capacity that, in turn, affect the quality of life.

For individuals, there are two ways to approach the Tune Up. They can start with the weakest system of the body, the one posing the most risk or presenting with the most symptoms, or they can start from the first chakra and work their way up to the top. For the course, we are forced to take the latter approach since the material will be generalized, not specific to the individual participants.

This course consists of 5-6 lessons per year for the first three years.  For each chakra, there is one lesson on detoxification that addresses the obstacles to proper functioning of that chakra and its related endocrine gland(s) and organs. Then, there is a lesson on the emotions associated with the chakra. In the case of the first chakra, there is one lesson on protocols for parasite cleansing.  It is followed by one on psychospiritual  issues and then one on tonification and regeneration. The last lesson emphasizes trust, balance, and harmony and will coincide with the summer solstice.

For the first three chakras, the physiological and psychological symptoms are addressed somewhat separately. It is assumed that students will be applying the material to their own situations and perhaps sharing the ideas with some family members, friends, or clients. Since each step takes time, the approach will be practical in that everything learned is also experienced, not just crammed into the head.

Since there are more diseases related to the lower chakras than to the higher ones, the pace will be slower in the beginning. The course will start in autumn 2021.

Each lesson consists of a downloadable pdf booklet containing explanations, recipes, and life style considerations. One week after the pdf is made available, there will be a PowerPoint and/or video presentation, and a week later, there will be a live webinar. There is a moderated student forum and opportunity to submit questions prior to each webinar. The webinars will be archived. There are no required quizzes or exams. However, those who would like a certificate can take the optional tests at the end of each lesson as well as the end of the course.

Audience: This course is taught in user-friendly language that is aimed at intelligent individuals who want to understand the concepts and apply them to themselves and family members.

Benefits: Nearly everyone has one or more hypofunctioning chakras as well as a hyperfunctioning chakra. It is hoped that by deeper understanding of each chakra and its relationship to health that people will be able to avoid crises and live symptom-free and productive lives without fear of loss of capacity as we age.

Launch Date: Autumn 2021

Cost: $30 per lesson or $175 per year for pre-enrollment, deadline June 1, 2021.  Donors to the Institute of Invisible Epidemics or to the crowdfunding of tuition are entitled to discounts. Please inquire to see the details.

Certificate Students: $300 per year. Must pass all tests and submit one paper per year with a case study exhibiting the ability to utilize the information in a practical manner. The certificate will be issued at the end. The cost for the parchment is $45 and includes air mail delivery of certificate.

The course is taught by Dr. Ingrid Naiman

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