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The Astrology of Healing is a seven-year course with three levels, equivalent more or less to a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in medical astrology.  Each lesson consists of reading material, a webinar followed by a questions and answers period, and extensive homework. There is also a forum for discussing issues. Initially, the course was offered to both auditors and certificate students, but starting in 2020, the course will only be offered to serious certificate students.  Others will be able to buy the printed materials but not to participate in the webinars or forum.  Please note that this is a new policy and will only apply to new students, not existing ones.


Astrology of Healing, Level One

This is a one-year course with eight lessons covering  stress and the ways stress is shown in the horoscope and the elements as the building blocks of the manifest world. The material fills two volumes and is the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Medical Astrology.

Astrology of Healing, Level Two

The basic materials covered in the more advanced courses are developed in two parts, each spanning a year. One section addresses the conflicts of the elements and another the practical applications such as Kitchen Doctor and basic astrological counseling.  There are fourteen lessons in this master’s level series.

Astrology of Healing, Level Three

This is a three to four program that includes astroendocrinology, herbal medicine, therapies for specific diseases, deep exploration of the unconscious: psychospiritual patterns, purposes in life, and techniques for regression.


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Ingrid Naiman majored in Asian Studies at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii, B.A., 1962. She went on to study Development Economics at Yale University, M.A. 1964. Her first exposure to both Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine came when posted in India with the State Department, 1968-70. She left the mainstream world to pursue a life of the spirit in 1970 and changed a hobby to a profession in 1972, becoming one of a handful of medical astrologers in the West. For the last 45+ years, Ingrid has studied assiduously in a few pet areas of interest: natural medicine, darkfield microscopy, astrology, and music therapy. Her main Ayurvedic teacher was the former yogi and mystic, Dr. Shrikrishna Kashyap. Ingrid was awarded an M.D. degree in Copenhagen in 1987 and a D.Sc. (honorary) from the Open International University, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 1995. She has published more than five thousand articles nd essays, seven books, and currently has about 50 web sites that provide free information on health and healing to Internet users.

In addition to the annual seminars, Ingrid teaches a seven-year distance learning course in medical astrology.

Annual Seminars for Ten Days

Tuition: $600

Accommodations and Meals: Separate from Tuition

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