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Taste and the Elements

This course consists of eight lessons. Each lesson consists of a downloadable pdf booklet containing information, explanations, and recipes, a PowerPoint and/or video presentation one week after the pdf is released, and a live webinar one week after the PowerPoint presentation. There is a moderated student forum and opportunity to submit questions prior to each webinar. There are no required quizzes or exams for auditors. However, those who would like a certificate can take the optional tests at the end of each lesson as well as at the end of the course.

Audience: This course is taught in user-friendly language that is aimed at intelligent individuals who want to understand the concept of constitutional type and its relationship to diet and herbs. As the name suggests, the emphasis will be on culinary management of physiological and psychological imbalance.

Benefits: Participants will learn why different family members might have different nutritional needs rather than equal requirements for minimum daily amounts of vitamins and minerals. While the information is based on Ayurvedic models types and the pharmacology of tastes, it is original, practical, and free of cultural biases.

Launch Date: 2021

Cost: $250 for pre-enrollment, deadline October 1, 2020. Thereafter, $350. Donors to the Institute of Invisible Epidemics or to the crowdfunding of tuition are admitted without tuition.

Certificate Students: $550. Must pass all tests and submit one paper showing the ability to utilize the information in a practical manner; includes air mail delivery of certificate.

The course is taught by Dr. Ingrid Naiman

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