Job Opportunities

Curriculum and Publication Marketing Expert:  Must have web skills, intelligence, and enough confidence to work on a commission basis. Familiarity with LMS enrollment software, social networking, and applicable laws will be taken into consideration.


Ayurvedic Doctor:  Must be trained in an accredited Ayurvedic College, preferably in India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka.  Must have the skills to oversee a clinic and other therapists, be willing to live abroad permanently, and have good communication and language skills.  Proficiency in Ayurvedic nutrition, herbal medicine, alchemy, and kaya kalpa will be top considerations.


Editor: Must be a native speaker of English and be familiar with final proofing, preferably using Chicago Style, American spelling and punctuation.  Work can be performed via Internet and would be part-time.  Applicants will receive a short example of text, 2-3 paragraphs, to demonstrate their skills.


Translator and Proof Reader
This work can be performed by a freelancer with perfect Spanish, background in editing and publishing, and sufficient computer skills to assist with layout of the final manuscript..


We are also looking to collaborate with Japanese doctors who have an interest in the problems associated with exposure to radiation. The doctors must be fully qualified, free to travel, and holistically inclined.



In about a year, we will be seeking masters in disciplines such as tai chi, chi gung, aikido, and yoga as well as vipassana meditation.


Updated 17 December 2019





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