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Hand Sanitizer


Making your own hand sanitizer is actually very easy.  Moreover, if using high quality essential oils, no rubbing alcohol is actually needed since other carriers can be used that may enhance the texture and efficacy of the spray or gel.


For example, one can use aloe vera gel and/or glycerine as the main gels or liquids for the sterilizer.  Witch hazel is another option as are combinations of thin liquids with carrier oils such as tamanu.

The Shortcut

Hand Sanitizer Bioethika Oils
The easiest way to make a hand disinfectant is use the cleanest liquid soap, lotion, or gel you can find (checking for chemical preservatives) and simply add 10-12 drops of oil per ounce.  Try to avoid products that already have fragrances added since most fragrances are synthetic.

The Math

Many formulas for essential oils are described by the number of drops to use.  The problem is that openings in the orifice reducers in bottles vary as do the oils so it is a little hard to be precise.  There are, however, roughly 100 drops in a 5 ml. bottle.  Our bottles are filled to the top and often contain 7-8 ml. even though we say 5 ml. on the label.  Let’s say you start with 4 oz. of aloe vera gel or other liquid(s) and you want a 2% solution of essential oils.  Some of you hate math but 4 oz. is roughly 120 ml.  This means you want 2.4 ml. of essential oils.  That is 48 drops, but you do not have to be so precise.  You can have a few drops more or less.  The stronger the disinfecting power of the oil is, the less that is needed.

Which Oils are Most Effective?

The answer is surprisingly simple:  clove bud, cinnamon bark, wild oregano, thyme, and rosemary.  Tea tree and eucalyptus are also disinfecting but since they are not suitable for internal use and some oil is absorbed through the skin, I prefer to to rely too heavily on those particular oils for frequent use.  With the need to wash hands often, it is obviously better to use the safest oils possible.


If you do want to use rubbing alcohol, then to make almost 4 oz. of hand sanitizer, the proportions would be:

4 oz. rubbing alcohol or 190 proof alcohol

1 T. vegetable glycerin

48 drops of essential oil


 3 oz. rubbing alcohol

1 oz. aloe vera gel

48 drops of essential oil

Beat with a whisk until it forms a gel.


Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are alike.  Despite claims, purity varies enormously.  When referring to essential oils in the context of these critical precautions, it is important that the oils are 100% pure and not diluted.  Obviously, we recommend our own brand, Bioethika Oils.





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