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Visitors are permitted to see most of the content on this site without registering. Aside from the collection of normal web statistics, such as the length of time spent on any given page and number of visitors to the page, we do not collect any personal data on the parts of the site that are open to the public.

On the secure part of the site that is used for research, visitors are required to register with an authentic e-mail. Users then create a profile. All personal information and health-related information meets the highest security standards possible, including HIPPA. Our SSL certificate is issued by Comodo.

The survey data collected is for research purposes only. Responses to questions are transmitted via a secure server and will never be shared with any third party.

The data will be analyzed and results will be summarized in research that may eventually be used in seminars and publications. However, only the overall results will be used, not specific data related to individual study participants.

Some survey participants will want to communicate with Dr. Indunil Weerarathne. Provisions have been made for securely uploading medical records, images, and correspondence. While we respect your privacy, we live in an electronic age in which complete privacy cannot be absolutely guaranteed. Please consider this before transmitting anything potentially compromising.