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Development of the Online Education Initiative of the IIE Academy

The IIE Academy consists of several parts that will be developed in phases

Online Education

  1. Webinars, Seminars, and Courses


  1. Essays, E-books, Printed Booklets and Books
    1. Translations

    Online Broadcasting

    1. Webinars
    2. Radio

    Video and Films

    1. Documentaries
    2. Educational Courses
      • Sustainable Agriculture
      • Nutrition & Food Preparation
      • Hygiene & Health
      • Detoxification
      • Herbal Medicine
      • Natural Lifestyles
      • Psychospiritual Awakening

    Future Campaigns

    Future campaigns will be focused on the development of a physical site for the Institute with proper examination and treatment rooms as well as simple accommodations for interns from abroad.

    This will be followed by acquisition of land for botanical gardens and then development of a laboratory for herb processing for local use as well as export.

    Previous Campaigns

    1. Projects in Ecuador

    These included minor legal expenses associated with defining what can and cannot be done in Ecuador, equipment for the clinic including purchase of a microscope, otoscope, endoscope, examination table, sterilization equipment, furniture, heaters, herb supplies, and a modest amount of labware, and about 80 books for the Institute library, mostly on tropical infections, parasites, herbs, and microscopy.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

    2. Tuition for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

    These funds were remitted directly to the London School to cover matriculation, course registration, textbooks, and proctoring for exams during  for the first year of Dr. Indunil Weeraranthne’s degree program in Infectious Diseases. Thank you to all those who supported her studies.



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