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Academic courses in Ayurvedic Medicine as well as Ayurvedic Massage are starting in 2017. Public outreach courses in Oral Health and Kitchen Doctor will also launch in 2017.  The Medical Astrology Curriculum is offered online from and Music Therapy will be added once we have a permanent location with residential facilities.


Oral Health

Some experts have suggested that countless chronic and often deadly illnesses are related to oral health and hygiene. This short course offers clear explanations of the types of unhealthy conditions in the mouth, dental procedures and options, oral health practices that reduce risks to health, and ways to detoxify the body of side effects of unhealthy conditions and exposures.


Kitchen Doctorkitchen_doctor-300x224

Participants will learn why different family members might have different nutritional needs rather than equal requirements for minimum daily amounts of vitamins and minerals.  While the information is based on Ayurvedic models of taste and types, it is original, practical, and free of cultural biases. In addition to learning about the needs of each constitutional type, the medicinal use of foods, spices, and herbs will be explained in considerable detail.