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We study both the plants and the tissues to discover the properties of the herbs and their actions on the body.

Medicinal Herbs

Whether using Himalayan or South American herbs, we use only top quality plants that are sustainably grown and ethically harvested.

Medicinal Food

We offer a full range of Ayurvedic treatments by highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors from Sri Lanka. In addition, we have both online courses in Ayurveda and six-week residential courses every summer.


We approach our work with respect and reverence for the plant kingdom. We seek no patents or excessive profits.

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Definition of Invisible Epidemics

Health conditions that are very seldom diagnosed or effectively treated by contemporary medicine. This includes side effects of exposure to radiation, depleted uranium, and electromagnetic fields; parasitic and fungal infections; exposure to toxic metals such as mercury, aluminum, and arsenic; sensitivity to chemicals and genetically modified components in our food; and any other complaints that have not been corrected by modern medical treatments.

Goal: to use ancient and traditional medicine, including alchemical substances and herbs, to find cures for all such conditions and bioremediate the air, soil, and water.

Services::provide health services to foreign and local patients in a pristine and ecologically managed environment where patients are also educated in environmental ethics and shown how to assume more responsibility for their “footprints”.

Product Development::build world class herbal laboratory with products for domestic use and export.  Support sustainable agriculture to guarantee permanent sources of valuable herbs.

Internships::a limited number of residential positions will be offered to foreign and local health care professionals.


Dr. Ingrid Naiman is an author and herbalist as well as darkfield microscopist with more than forty years clinical experience working with herbs and more esoteric approaches to healing.  She has her own line of herbal products.

Dr. Indunil A. Weerarathne is a Sri Lankan Ayurvedic doctor with degrees in counseling as well as Ayurvedic medicine. She has been collaborating with Dr. Ingrid Naiman for the last five years.

Kitzia Kokopelmana is a specialist in biodiversity, seed banking, permaculture, and community networking, especially with indigenous people, women's groups, and schools.

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